Pocket Atlas

*Pocket Atlas is a complete atlas with maps, geographical, demographic, economic, tourist and political information of all the countries in the world.

*Pocket Atlas is a mini atlas that you can load into your pocket pc and carry it with you wherever you go. It allows you to have all the countries information, maps, flags and even local time handy whenever you need them.

*Product Description:
Pocket Atlas is a mini atlas that you can carry with you wherever you go. It allows you to access useful country information, maps, flags and clock handy whenever you need them.

*Pocket Atlas shows for every country:

  • Map (you can zoom in and out and compute distances)
  • Country name
  • Capital, local time
  • Geography (coordinates, location, bordering countries, coastline, time zone, area and climate)
  • People (population, growth rate, religions, languages, literacy, ethnic groups, nationality, sex ratio)
  • Government (official country name, capital, administrative divisions, government types, national holidays)
  • Economy (imports ,exports, fiscal year, currency, currency code), communication (telephones, cell)
  • Phones, international country code, country code, internet country code, internet users)
  • Transportation (ports and harbors, airports and heliports) and tourist attractions.
  • Pocket Atlas also draws a day/night plot for the whole world, provides a comparison screen to compare different features for five countries simultaneously and also has a quick facts screen with some interesting facts about the world countries.



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