Delta ERP

Delta ERP

Delta Software ERP Software Solution Delta ERP
is a fully integrated ERP software solutions that fulfills the core business needs of midsize to large organizations.

* This system has many advantages, including: 

– The possibility of using the system by several companies overlapping through several departments and users, whether through a single computer or a local network of computers.

– Make accurate accounting entries for all types (sales, purchases, stores, customer accounts, depreciation of fixed assets, notes receivable and currency valuation).

– Maintain confidentiality and data protection through a multi-level security and protection system.

– Use Arabic and English.

– There is immediate help covering the system and a comprehensive user manual.

– The system complies with Egyptian, Arab, American and international accounting standards.

– Adjust the system format according to user needs.

*Delta ERP software integrates all key operations into one software system:

  • Delta ERP Financial Accounting software

  • Delta ERP Inventory Control Software

  • Delta ERP Fixed Assets software

  • Delta ERP Purchasing software

  • Delta ERP Sales & Distribution software

*Delta ERP software solution serves as a solid business process platform which supports continuous growth, innovation, and operational excellence.

*Delta ERP Software serves thousands of customers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Sudan & Libya….etc .

*Delta ERP Software :