Delta Point of Sale

Delta POS Software is another state of art Delta Software solution which automates sales operations in retail stores. Delta POS system covers the daily, weekly and monthly sales operation in retail stores. Delta-pos-software

Delta chain POS Software integrates three basic modules : ( the administration module , the outlet module and the stock control module ) to accomplish full control over all operations in all branches of a chain.

* Point of Sale Administration Module :

  • Maintains system basic data and codes .
  • Allows the user to add and configure promotions & discounts which will be used by the other parts of the system.
  • Allows the user to define and edit bundles.
  • Manages the data consolidation operations between the outlets/branches/showrooms and the headquarters including the ability to send and receive data from/to the headquarters.
  • Controls item pricing & price modification.
  • Allows the user to evaluate the cost price for items.
  • Allows the user to determine the selling price for each customer category.
  • Allows the user to view and print item movements in both warehouses and outlets.
  • Allows the user to follow-up the data sent and received between the outlets and the headquarters.
  • Analyzes sold merchandise data in each outlet.

* Point of Sale Outlet Module :

  • Handles all sales and return operations.
  • Interacts with barcode readers, receipt printers, customer display & safe drawers.
  • Accepts and handles different payment methods including: Cash payments, Credit card payments and on credit payments.
  • Handles product bundling.
  • Handles items serial numbers.
  • Handles promotions & discounts.
  • Handles different types of discounts.
  • Handles working shifts.
  • Gives the user the right to modify, cancel, or inquire about the sales transactions data using items’ names, code numbers,… etc.
  • Multi-pricing system according to the user requirements .

* Point of Sale Stock Control Module :

  • Handles purchase orders.
  • Handles addition vouchers/issue vouchers.
  • Handles transfer operations between branches & warehouses.
  • Handles settlements operations.
  • Ability to issue invoice (for customer / company representatives / distributors / agents ).
  • Also provides the ability of adding minus quantities and prices in order to deal easily with returned goods.

* Delta POS Solution :