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The Delta Electronic Invoice & Electronic Receipt System

Delta Software always studies the Egyptian market and the emerging demands of customers for the development of automated systems or legislation issued by various authorities within the country that affects the performance of automated systems.

As a result, Delta Software has implemented two systems, the Electronic Invoice System and the Electronic Receipt System, in accordance with Law No. 153 of the year 2022 for collecting sales tax or value-added tax for each sale or service transaction.

Electronic Invoice:
The system issues electronic invoices and links them directly with the Egyptian Tax Authority. It allows for printing invoices in PDF format, and there is also the capability to filter invoices based on their status (new, valid, rejected, cancelled, etc.).

Electronic Receipt:
The system generates electronic receipts for the service recipient or the end-user of the purchased goods.

System Features:

  • Built on a Client/Server or Multi-tier Architecture, with an Application server program called D.F Server and a client program for each type of application (Client application).
  • Uses Data Snap technology to connect system elements.
  • Operates on a single personal computer or multiple devices connected to a local network or via the web.
  • The D.F.Server program and a client program for each subsystem or application type (Client application) are installed on the server, even if it is a personal computer. Meanwhile, client applications can be downloaded to devices separate from the server, and they can also be downloaded to the server itself, depending on the working environment specifications of the client.

Additional Points:

  • Utilizes the latest available technologies in programming tools, databases (SQL or Oracle), hardware (H.W), and networks (Network).
  • Provides user-definable roles and permissions.
  • Incorporates advanced training techniques during design (Job Training).
  • Offers multiple and diverse methods for retrieving and accessing information quickly and accurately.
  • Ensures ease of real-time data inquiry with various levels of information.
  • Implements high-level data security and access control through user passwords and defined permissions.
  • Allows easy configuration, whether operating on a single device, a local network, or a web network.

These features collectively make the system robust, adaptable, and user-friendly, meeting the diverse needs of users in various environments.