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The Delta Club Management System

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Delta Club Management System

The Best Club Management System in the Arab World, featuring 4 distinct subsystems as follows:

  1. Membership System: Provides the following capabilities:

    • Coding all basic data.
    • Club data.
    • Fee and activity codes.
    • Fee and activity prices.
    • Membership types.
  2. Fee Calculation:

    • Calculates subscription fees based on:
      • Family members.
      • Wives/dependents.
      • Calculates children’s fees based on age.
      • Separates male children’s membership if they exceed 24 years old.
      • Calculates fees according to the Ministry of Youth and Sports instructions.
      • Calculates fines and late payment years.
      • Calculates the monetary value of the subscription and preserves membership.
      • Freezing and dropping membership processes.
  3. Member Data:

    • Enters member and family data, including all basic information and member and family photos.
    • Adds or removes a family member from within the program.
    • Changes membership type based on the primary member’s age, done annually.
    • Scans member photos using a scanner.
  4. Preparation of General Assembly and Elections Lists:

    • Review the financial status of those eligible to attend.
    • Review the financial status of candidates.
    • Prepares lists of those eligible to attend and vote.
  5. Annual Subscription Calculation:

    • Automatically done for all members at the beginning of the new year.
    • Done for a specific membership in case of additions or modifications.
  6. Treasury and Payment System:

    • Collects subscriptions according to the fees set by the membership system without any interference from the treasury program.
    • Allows printing receipts after payment on White paper or pre-printed paper.
    • Daily and periodic treasury balance reconciliation.
    • Possibility of transferring accounts to the Delta Accounting System.
  7. Membership Card Printing Program:

    • Allows printing on A4 paper and then laminating.
    • Allows printing on special card paper.
    • Retrieves data of paid members for year-end card issuance.
    • Selects a group of members for card printing directly after payment.
    • Allows reprinting cards as needed.
  8. Security Program:

    • Verifies the member’s identity through the system in case they don’t have their membership card, using:
      • Membership number.
      • Matching the person’s photo with the registered photo in the system.

System Characteristics:

  • Built on a Client/Server or Multi-tier Architecture basis.
  • Uses DataSnap technology for system elements’ interconnection.
  • Operates on a single personal computer or multiple computers connected to a local network or via the web.
  • Installation of the DFServer program and a client program for each subsystem or type of application on the server device, even if it’s a personal computer.
  • Client applications can be downloaded onto devices separate from the server, according to the client’s work environment.
  • Utilizes the latest available technologies in Development Tools, Databases (SQL or Oracle), Hardware, and Networks.
  • Provides user definition and authorization capabilities.
  • Offers advanced on-the-job training during design.
  • Enables multiple and varied methods for retrieving and accessing information quickly and accurately.
  • Ensures ease of instant inquiry into recorded data with any amount of information.
  • Maintains a high level of confidentiality and security on data through various measures, including user passwords and access control.