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The Delta Human Resource Management System

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Delta Human Resources Management System

The efficiency of institutions primarily relies on Human Resources Management, which involves the selection and hiring of key personnel by attracting distinguished experiences. It also works towards creating a collaborative work environment based on the principles of equal opportunities and equality in terms of incentives, allowances, promotions, and providing long-term job stability for human resources. Additionally, this management relies on modern strategic principles in developing and nurturing human resources by enhancing capabilities, improving job performance, and continually qualifying and developing competencies.

This is what we will find in the ‘Delta Human Resources Management System,’ which achieves development, growth, balance, and performance enhancement, and keeps pace with all the advancements of the era.

  • Among the system’s key features are accuracy, flexibility, and ease of use.
  1. Compliance with local laws and various organizational labor regulations.
  2. Easy configuration and setup for the establishment’s requirements.
  • The most suitable human resources system for all activities and companies in the Arab world, as it includes the following systems:
  1. Employee Affairs System:

    • Recording personal, professional, educational, and document-related employee data.
    • Managing contract details, job progression, leave records, penalties, allowances, and insurance subscriptions, with the ability to print insurance forms.
  2. Wages and Salaries System:

    • Creating monthly disbursements, coding salary items, determining pay distribution, and calculating insurance, taxes, stamps, and tax reconciliation.
    • Generating bank statements.
  3. Attendance and Leave System:

    • Monitoring and organizing employee attendance and leave schedules.
    • Registering official leaves, rest days, employee routes, missions, permissions, and calculating overtime.
  4. Healthcare System:

    • Recording and monitoring the health files of company employees and their families.
    • Tracking the allocated budget for each employee, in addition to their dependents, and monitoring the annual healthcare budget for the company.
  5. Training System:

    • Establishing and monitoring the annual training plan and keeping track of employee training records.
    • Listing executed training courses.
  6. Employee Evaluation System:

    • Recording various evaluation criteria for each position.
    • Monitoring employee Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and key Results Indicators (KRI) and assessing organizational performance.
  7. E-Services System:

    • Electronic recording and approval of employee requests, such as leaves, missions, and permissions, with the ability to review payroll details, attendance, and more.
  • The program relies on the latest advancements in computer science and information technology. It is built on a Client/Server or Multi-tier Architecture basis, utilizing DataSnap technology for system elements’ interconnection. The system operates on a single personal computer or multiple devices connected to a local network or through the web.
  • The DHR Server program is installed on the server device, even if it is a personal computer. Client applications are installed on separate devices or can be installed on the server device, depending on the client’s working environment.