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The Delta Hotel Management System

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Delta Hotel Management System

The rapid development in the tourism sector, especially in the hotel industry, has prompted software companies, including Delta Software, to create an electronic hotel management system. This system is characterized by its ease of use, accuracy, and control over reports. It is designed to align with the current situation and accommodate future developments in the hotel industry.

Delta Software is one of the leading Arab companies in information technology and consulting related to computer science and the implementation and use of information system programs. The company has clients in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Sudan, and more. Delta Software has been active since the early 1980s, and over this long period, its experts and consultants, including university professors with extensive experience, have conducted numerous research and consulting services in information systems across various industrial, administrative, financial, tourism, hotel, and hospital sectors. The company has amassed over 10,000 clients since its establishment.

The Delta Hotel Management System is the most suitable system for hotel management, featuring 8 subsystems:

  1. Reservations Management System: Records and manages reservations, guest files, and reservation operations.

  2. Front Office System: Provides information about arrivals on the same day or in the following days and details about current room occupants.

  3. Cashier System: Handles financial operations, charges, and invoice printing.

  4. Housekeeping System: Manages room cleanliness, maintenance, and historical data.

  5. Night Auditor System: Manages night audit operations, including closing and reviewing financial details.

  6. Accounts Receivable System: Deals with corporate accounts, credit transactions, account statements, and settlements.

  7. Restaurant Management System: Calculates meal costs, pricing, and invoicing for restaurant services.

  8. Marketing System: Enables marketing and sales planning with marketing indicators.

The Delta Hotel Management System also offers various advantages and features:

  • Room pricing is based on the number of occupants, with additional pricing for extra beds, children, and cribs. It allows defining prices for holidays, including taxes and service fees.
  • Unlimited special offers can be defined and linked to room rates. These offers can also be linked to restaurant departments for integrated billing.
  • Hotel structure definition, including floors, rooms, and specifications.
  • Definition of various types of taxes and services.
  • Full integration with the authorization system, allowing user-specific access to the system and each icon.
  • Confirmation and alert messages throughout all system operations to minimize user errors.
  • Dynamic search capabilities for any reservation type, guest, or company in the reservation list.
  • Changing room and reservation statuses.
  • Confirmation of reservations through travel agencies, workplaces, credit card numbers, or other encoded means.
  • Display of revenue collected from guests in various windows, such as guest history and booking summaries.
  • Dynamic and easy extension of reservations.

System Features:

  • The program is built on the latest advancements in computer science and information technology. It follows a Client/Server or Multi-tier Architecture, utilizing DataSnap technology for interconnecting system elements.
  • The programs can operate on a single personal computer or multiple devices connected to a local network or via the web.
  • The server program is installed on the server device, even if it’s a personal computer, and client applications can be downloaded onto separate devices, or the server device based on the client’s work environment.
  • The system configuration is straightforward, whether it operates on a single device, a local network, or a spider web network.