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Delta School Management System

Education is considered the key to the progress of nations, and the rapid development witnessed in this sector has prompted programming companies, including Delta Software, to implement an electronic system for managing educational institutions. This system is characterized by its ease of use, precision, control, and monitoring of various operations.

The automated system for educational institutions covers several stages, from the moment of enrolling students until they graduate from different educational levels (student affairs, coordination and admission, financial affairs, class schedules, control and examinations, and general information). Here are the key features of each stage:

Student Affairs:

  • Managing all procedures required for receiving new students in the school.
  • Transferring data of accepted students to registration files directly after completing the coordination and admission process.
  • Entering and updating health-related data for each student.
  • Monitoring absenteeism cases and printing corresponding warnings.
  • Cancelling incomplete enrollment requests and transferring grades at the end of the year to a separate file.

Coordination and Admission:

  • Entering coordination data according to the school’s specified conditions.
  • Entering student data (name, date of birth, etc.).
  • Automating the coordination process based on predefined conditions.
  • Determining the admission status, either accepted or rejected, with the ability to do it automatically or manually.

Financial Affairs:

  • Entering school fees and school activities data.
  • Executing the payment process and printing receipts.
  • Managing expenditures, due dates, installment processing, estimating the school’s budget, and generating necessary queries about any installment or remaining amount.
  • Linking with Delta General Accounting System for full or partial payments.

Class Schedules:

  • Creating and distributing schedules automatically or manually for teachers, classes, and subjects.

Control and Examinations:

  • Performing all control-related procedures and result extraction tasks.
  • Preparing grade sheets, monitoring grades, preparing seating arrangements, and creating exam-related reports.
  • Printing monthly, mid-year, and end-of-year certificates, as well as second-round exam results.

General Information:

  • Entering general data about the school, its components, teachers, students, and classes.
  • Maintaining data such as student residential areas, nationalities, teachers’ qualifications, and more.

System Characteristics:

  • Built on a Client/Server or Multi-tier Architecture, with an Application Server (DF Server) and a Client Application for each type of application.
  • Uses the latest available technologies in development tools, databases (SQL or Oracle), hardware, and networks.
  • Provides user definition and authorization capabilities.
  • Ensures data security through login and information visibility confidentiality.
  • Implements password protection for each user.
  • Controls user permissions through a defined authorization file.
  • Offers multiple and diverse retrieval methods for information access.
  • Achieves ease of instant inquiry for registered data.

The system’s distinctive feature lies in its various and flexible methods for retrieving and accessing information accurately and quickly. It ensures a high level of confidentiality and data security through multiple methods, such as user authentication, password protection, and permission control. The system is designed to be user-friendly, regardless of whether it is used on a single computer, a local network, or a web-based network. DataSnap technology is adopted for system integration between its elements.

The applications can be installed on a personal computer, or several devices connected to a local network or the web. The server program (DFServer) is installed on the server device, even if it is a personal computer. The client applications can be installed on separate devices or on the server device, depending on the client’s working environment specifications.