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The Delta Point of Sale Management System

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  • Flexibility in Information Technology Services
  • Excellent Team
  • Over 40 Years of Experience

The Delta Point of Sale Management System

High speed and control, this system is designed to accommodate the current situation and anticipate the future developments for commercial and service establishments that deal directly with the public and customers. Delta Software is one of the largest leading Arab companies in the field of information technology and related consulting in computer sciences, training on implementing and using information system programs. It has clients in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Sudan, and more. Delta started its activities in the early 1980s.

During this period, experts and consultants at Delta, a group of specialists with extensive experience and scientists who are university professors practicing in various research and applied fields related to information system fields, conducted numerous research, consultations, and services in information systems in various industrial, administrative, financial, tourism, hotels, hospitals, and educational sectors. The number of Delta Software clients has exceeded 10,000 since its establishment, including hundreds of major commercial companies with sales outlets across the Arab world.

The best point of sale system in the Arab world, it includes many features, such as:

  • A powerful, flexible, and secure SQL SERVER database capable of handling data pressure in case of a large number of invoices, items, customers, points, and branches.
  • Compatibility with all barcode devices.
  • Easy and flexible use with keyboard shortcuts when dealing with the system.
  • The ability to open an unlimited number of points/cashiers/users/shifts.
  • The ability to link multiple stores/sales centers to a central account management.
  • Automatic barcode printing for items that do not have a barcode from the manufacturer.
  • The ability to open multiple sales invoices at the cashier to settle with more than one customer at the same time.
  • Precise handling of returns through specific permissions from management.
  • Dealing with an unlimited number of items with multiple storage units and barcode numbers.
  • A quick mechanism for updating prices and new items.
  • Independent database for each point to avoid network and power issues during operation while updating data automatically to the main device for points and accounts.
  • Very fast search by part of the item name or number for non-numbered items.
  • Dealing with cash and credit invoices, with the ability to print barcodes (printing labels from supply orders, purchase invoices, group of items, etc.).
  • Complete inventory management from entering goods, inventory, and printing various inventory reports.
  • Complete management of sales and cash register to provide accurate reports on profit and loss in real-time.
  • Ability to manage more than one invoice at the same time.
  • Entering items with full details and an image for each product, with the appropriate time to order a specific product.
  • Speeding up the sales process by using a barcode reader for the label on the product.
  • Printing barcode labels for each product with the data chosen by the customer.
  • Support for payment in various ways (cash, check, credit card, on credit, free).
  • Adoption of local and international currencies.
  • Output of various and numerous reports that suit the user’s needs for managing his institution, with the ability to easily modify these reports.
  • Complete management of more than one store and warehouse at the same time, and management of interaction between them, with support for multiple branches.
  • Complete ease in managing program users, with appropriate permissions for each user of the program.
  • Printing on more than one printer at the same time to save time between company departments.
  • The program supports many existing systems for companies and institutions, such as:
  • General selling companies as well as wholesale companies.
  • Restaurants in all their types, where there is a special system for restaurants that includes organizing the restaurant, organizing tables, and roles in the restaurant, with a reservation system and transferring orders from one table to another.
  • Point of sale systems can be linked to several devices, including:
  • Touchscreen displays.
  • Barcode scanners and readers.
  • Barcode printers of all kinds.

General features of the systems:

  • The system is built on the basis of Client/Server or what is known as Multi-tier Architecture. This means that there is a server program, called DF Server, for the application server, and a client program for each type of application, known as the Client application.
  • The system employs a technology called DataSnap to connect system elements. These systems operate on a single personal computer or several devices connected to a local network or through the web.

  • The DF Server program and a client program for each subsystem or type of application are installed on the server, even if it is a personal computer. The client applications are then installed on devices separate from the server, and they can also be installed on the server itself, depending on the working environment specifications of the client. Whether working on a single device, a local network, or a web network, the configuration method is unified and very simple.